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    The Puckler Zone -
    an individualized Training regime for men, women and children created by Lars Damien Puckler for hobby fitness enthusiasts as well as top professional athletes.

    Fitness & Health

        * Certified Personal Trainer (20 yr experience)
        * Boot Camp Instructor
        * Cardio KickBoxing Instructor

    Martial Arts

        * Featured on Spike TV's DEADLIEST WARRIOR
        * Former World Muay Thai KickBoxing Champion
        * Unarmed Combat Instructor to various military
          and police forces - including Germany's
          Anti Terrorist Team GSG9
        * World Specialist in Ghost Hands of Dim Mak
          (Pressure Point Fighting System)
        * Black Belt in Shotokan Karate & TaeKwonDo


    Whether you want to be a lean mean fighting machine or simply turn heads at the beach, ThePucklerZone specializes in determining the most effective workout routine for your body type and tailoring it to your individual lifestyle.


    Never forgetting about the importance of Nutrition and Mindset, a workout may range from an intense CardioKickBoxing workout & Core Strengthening routine to an educational discussion about nutrition and sometimes even a game of chess. (Yes! I said CHESS!)


    When your grandma told you to "eat your breakfast", she had more common sense than most people. You really ARE what you eat and when you eat it. ThePucklerZone won't push you to your limits; then leave you hanging and wiped out. You will be guided along, learn about essential nutritional facts and ultimately achieve a better understanding what foods work for YOU, when, how much and why!

    And just in case you're still wondering as to how a regular workout routine could improve and even change your life, the benefits reaped are endless...


    Increased energy! Increased self confidence! Decreased Stress! Sexy looking body! Healthy body fat loss! Increased muscle mass! Increased strength! Increased flexibility! Improved balance! Increased endurance! More Restful Sleep! Better quality of life! Decreased risk of heart disease! Decreased risk of diabetes! Lower blood pressure! Lower cholesterol! Increased bone density! And much much more!


    1 hour Individualized Training session is $90
       * Package deals, payment plans and various discounts available



    "It's not the style or the system, it's the individual and how this individual applies any style or system that counts" BRUCE LEE

    Martial Arts

    When Bruce Lee uttered this statement he wasn't solely referring to the professional Martial Arts competitior, but to your common person studying Martial Arts for self defense or simply fitness.
    Bruce understood that Martial Arts is not about strike and counterstrike, about virtual attacks and defenses. You can NOT really study or learn an art determined as "Self Defense". To really be able to defend oneself, you must become aware of your own body, its mechanics, rhythm and learn to apply those as your individual system.

    Self Defense

    Apart from being fun, ThePucklerZone's "Self Defense" program is a great workout, builds confidence and teaches you to adapt to any and all "hairy" situations encountered.

    Muay Thai, Stand Up and Striking and more...

    ThePucklerZone offers 1 on 1 sessions in beginner and advanced Muay Thai, General Stand Up and Striking, introduces octagon/ring strategy, centers your focus and strenghtens your confidence as well as your mind, so much that even Mohammed Ali would have doubted himself when fighting you.

    Pre-Fight Conditioning

    ThePucklerZone also offers a 6 weeks Pre-Fight Conditioning program for professional fighters with an upcoming event.

    Ghost Hands of Dim Mak

    Also available upon request are 1 on 1 sessions in Ghost Hands of Dim Mak, an ancient Chinese pressure point fighting system, taught to various military and police forces around the world, including Germany's famous Anit-Terrorist group GSG9. (Personal background check mandatory)


    1 hour Personal Muay Thai/Stand Up Training session is $120
    1 hour Personal Self Defense Training session is $100
    1 hour Personal Dim Mak Training session is $150

       * Package deals, payment plans and various discounts available

      Please call for information on the 6 weeks Pre-Fight Conditiong Program